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Nature and art meet timeless simplicity with the 20th century-inspired Craftsman style. This warm and inviting look brings to mind a simpler, slower era where the vast majority of people worked with their hands and craved a quiet life. Artists and architects of the Arts & Crafts era were inspired first and foremost by the natural world. Earthy elements like wood, flower and plant motifs, water symbols, hammered metals and rustic stones are prominent design elements in this look. Handsome and beautiful, traditional Craftsman-style furniture was primarily made of richly stained wood with exposed joinery. With its strong lines and tailored edges, this furniture style features craftsmanship first, and ornamentation was minimal.

Arts & Crafts style often uses palettes with lighter hues and neutral wall colors to showcase warm wood tones and colors. Accent colors echoed those found in nature such as dusty rose, sapphire, burnished gold and forest green. Fabrics with a natural feel and texture sported simple botanical or geometric shapes. From our beautifully made Arts & Crafts style furniture with rich finishes to botanical-inspired decor and rugs to era-appropriate lighting options, we've got everything you need to give any room in your home this sophisticated look.

Creating an Arts & Style decorating concept is easy. First, start with richly stained furniture that showcases the intricate design of its wood grain and the look of handmade, modest hardware. Comfy, tailored cushions in earth and jewel tones add contrast and depth to this otherwise neutral palette. Layer in hallmark Arts & Crafts decor pieces like hammered copper bowls or picture frames, painted tiles and stone. Lamps, sconces and pendants with angular lines and stained glass or mica-like shades reflect this style well too. Finish off with a transitional or contemporary rug with strong, nature-inspired motifs for a relaxed, authentic feel.

The Arts & Crafts style is perfect for those who want time-honored simplicity with artistic flair. If you feel most at home in rooms with uncomplicated lines, warm woods and handcrafted details, the Arts & Crafts style might just be your cup of tea.

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