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Bath Tubs

Choose freestanding bath tubs for easy installation and striking beauty

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    1-5 OF 5 ITEMS

    Imagine returning home after a long, trying day, muscles sore, neck aching, head pounding. All you want to do is relax. You drop your keys on the console table, hang up your bag, step out of your shoes and go to your oasis: the bath.
    Now imagine that the centerpiece of your retreat is something more than standard. Something special. Something beautiful.
    Feel the stress of the day begin to slip away as the sophisticated sleekness of your freestanding bath tub comes into view. Soon you'll be wrapped in warmth and comfort, water kept blissfully hot by insulated acrylic.
    Maybe you choose a slipper tub, allowing you to lie back and rest your shoulders. Maybe you select a rectangular bathtub, its symmetry as welcoming to the eyes as its generous shape is to the rest of you. Perhaps you opt for an oval bathtub, curving lines inviting you to relax.
    Your freestanding bath tub might rest directly on the floor, its smooth profile flowing without interruption. Or it might rise on graceful claw feet, dramatic and luxurious. If you pick a freestanding faucet as well, it might sit at the foot of the tub or alongside, shining metal offering elegant contrast to glossy white.
    Imagine this ideal bath tub, this refuge, this sanctuary. Imagine easing gently down into the water, closing your eyes, feeling the tension leaving your muscles and the worries leaving your mind.
    Imagine it, then make it real. Your oasis is within reach. The perfect bath tub awaits.
    All you have to do is choose.

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