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Tissue Box Covers

Punctuate your taste with these tissue box covers

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1-6 OF 6 ITEMS
1-6 OF 6 ITEMS

Tissue box covers make an excellent accent to any room where tissues are appropriate. Whether you're looking to add the finishing touches to a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or home office, choose from our wide selection of home and bathroom accessory decor. We've got a wide array of designs to punctuate your taste with classic or contemporary design, a farmhouse or cottage feel or an industrial or traditional aesthetic.
Many of our facial tissue holders are also sold as a part of a complete bathroom set. Whether you're trying to carry a theme or mix and match bathroom or bedroom accessories, you'll find everything you need for well-coordinated and organized accessories. From platinum and porcelain to resin, antique, wood and aluminum finishes, nothing completes a room like the finishing touches of a matching facial tissue holder, lotion dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush and holder, toothbrush holder, tumbler and waste basket.
When redesigning a bedroom or bathroom, you might begin with a fabric, finish or print in mind. Starting with an inspirational piece can help you build a cohesive design that suits your tastes and personality. It can be anything, such as a focal point piece like a mirror, bathroom vanity or shower curtain. It could also be an accent piece such as a painting, wall border, tile design or rug. It could even be a tissue box cover! No matter where you choose to start, you can find everything you need to inspire, create and update your home right here at Home Decorators Collection.