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Shower Rods & Hooks

Add elegance to your bath with decorative shower curtain rods and hooks

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    Shower Tension Pole with Four Baskets
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    Shower Tension Pole with Four Baskets


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    1-1 OF 1 ITEMS

    Shower rods and shower hooks make your shower more effective and beautiful. Unlike shower curtains and liners, which you probably wash or replace often, your shower curtain rod and shower hooks could serve you a long time. This is all the more reason to do a little research and choose the right ones for your bathroom.
    How you choose these bathroom essentials depends on a few factors. For instance, take into account how you will attach your shower rod to your walls. Would you prefer a permanent fixture you screw onto your wall or a tension rod that you can remove if necessary? Then, there's style to consider. Yes, it's possible to incorporate your shower rod and shower hooks into your bathroom decor! A curved or crescent-shaped shower rod looks stylish. It also extends the elbow room in your shower, which can make a big difference to your comfort while showering.
    Shower hooks attach your shower curtain or liner to your rod, but they also have an impact on your bathroom's appearance. Hooks come in many styles and finishes. From simple, plastic rings and decorative metal hooks to shower hooks with roller balls, their variety runs the gamut. Metal hooks with glass knobs and other embellishments, for instance, add a sparkle to your shower, while those with a more colorful finish can make your shower pop. Since shower hooks come in a number of finishes ranging from polished chrome to rustic, you can coordinate your shower rod and hooks with your spa accessories and other bathroom fittings. You could also choose shower hooks that match or contrast with your shower curtain.
    Don't forget convenience and maintenance when choosing these items. Ensure that you select a shower hook that can be attached to your rod easily and won't let your curtain slip out. It's also important to use hooks that move over the shower rod smoothly and which are easy to unlock when it's time to replace your liner or curtain. No matter what choices you ultimately make, you'll find everything you need at Home Decorators Collection.

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