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Few bedding options bring you the perfect combination of comfort, style and convenience that duvet covers do. If you're still debating whether or not a duvet cover is right for your bedroom, consider their advantages:
Convenience: Duvet covers are lighter than comforters and easy to fold, store and clean. They encase an insert of your choice, be it wool, down, feather or another material, thus offering the level of warmth and comfort you like. A duvet cover with an insert essentially offers three layers of warmth without the fuss. Since you don't need an additional sheet under a duvet cover, making your bed couldn't be easier! Once folded, duvet covers are only slightly thicker than sheets, so you can easily fit a few of them on a shelf. Duvet covers come with a button, snap or zipper closure with securing ties to keep the insert in place. A duvet cover is practically a comforter with perks!
Style: It's easy to change the look of your bedroom by switching out your duvet covers. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics, from cotton to cotton sateen to silk, so you can match your bedding with the season. Duvet covers are also available in various sizes, just like comforters and sheet sets. You could even choose from our wide selection of duvet sets. These come with shams and, in some cases, additional decorative pillow cases to coordinate the look of your bed.
Care: Depending on their material and construction, duvet covers may be machine washable or require dry cleaning. Either way, duvet covers cost less to be cleaned and maintained. You could even choose a reversible duvet cover for twice the wear.
Duvet covers are not cumbersome! You may have heard that the process of getting the insert into the duvet cover can be a tricky one, but it's actually quite simple. Turn the duvet cover inside out. Put your hands in all the way through its opening and find the two far corners of the cover. Grab two ends of the insert and slowly let the cover fall over it. Once most of the cover has fallen into place, lay it down flat on your bed and even out any creases or bunched up sections. Secure the ends of the duvet cover so your insert is snugly in place.
You'll barely even notice the few extra seconds it takes to get your duvet cover ready once you experience the many benefits of using this practical bedding option. Choose a duvet cover today and discover them for yourself.

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