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The Love in Love Seats

The love seat is a small sofa or a double chair with no arm rests between the seats. It resembles a settee, but it is smaller. Its function is to hold two people in a comfortable and cozy fashion; hence the name love seat. It was at the height of fashion during the 18th century in both England and France.

Originally introduced around 1680, the love seat resurfaced and gained popularity during the end of Queen Anne's reign. During this time the love seat or courting chair was generally made with an upholstered back. However, during middle 18th century England un-upholstered backs held favor for a time. The variations of design include backless love seats as well as a love seat with three chair backs.

During the reign of Louis XV, the French also fell in love with the love seat - where it was called a marquise. It was similar to an upholstered armchair with a wide, deep seat and a loose cushion.

In 18th century France, the love seat was often found before a fireplace. Today, love seats are generally found in living rooms arranged with a larger couch or sofa and armchairs.

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