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Learn about Wood Types

About Bamboo Wood

Did you know that bamboo is actually a grass? Bamboo can be harvested without destroying the parent plant. It is one of the fast-growing plants in the world- up to 16 inches in one day! Bamboo grows in Asia, South America, the United States and a few areas in Africa. A wide variety of products come from bamboo, including furniture, cooking utensils, fences, floors and area rugs. Shop for bamboo furnishings and bamboo rugs at Home Decorators Collection.

About Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is known for its distinctive color. Cherry trees grow in the eastern part of the United States, mainly the Appalachian Mountains, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This wood is typically a light to dark reddish brown color and is fairly heavy wood, averaging 35 pounds per cubic foot. This wood is used for carving and cabinetmaking. Cherry veneers are cut from top-quality logs.

About Mahogany Wood

There are interesting facts about all three varieties of mahogany trees: African, new word and rose. African mahogany is the most widely used of the mahoganies because it is the most inexpensive and easiest to obtain. New world mahogany is the premier choice of wood for cabinetmakers, and is considered the most valuable tree in America. Rose mahogany should not be confused with the rosewood trees, and looks very similar to the kokko tree. If you have heard of Philippine mahogany wood, be aware that this tree is not considered true mahogany, but rather a member of the Dipterocarpaceae plant family instead of the true Meliaceae plant family. Mahogany wood varies from a light pink to a dark reddish brown color. Mahogany wood is used to construct furniture, ships, high-grade plywood and flooring.

About Teak Wood

Teak is a strong, versatile wood. Teak trees naturally grow in India, Burma and Thailand, and have the largest leaves of any tree (up to almost two feet long). These trees are exceptionally heavy and large, which makes them difficult to remove from the forest. In fact, it can take two to eight years to remove a single tree. Once the teak reaches the sawmill, it is easily worked. Teak is typically a yellow to straw color, has a straight grain, shrinks very little as it dries and is moderately hard. Cabinetmakers, shipbuilders and furniture craftsmen often use teak in their trade. Shop for teak furniture at Home Decorators Collection.

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