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The History of Chess and the Chess Table

Chess Tables Chess tables, game tables and folding card tables have their roots in history and remain popular today. Such pieces, often popular as game room furniture, can create the perfect setting for a strategic game of chess. Chess dates back to India around A.D. 600. From there, the time-honored game of chess spread through trade routes. It appeared in Persia around A.D. 700, and in the Arab culture around A.D. 800.

The variation of chess played today in the United States and Western Europe traversed history and geography through Persia into Italy and Spain around A.D. 1000. The game was firmly rooted in European culture around A.D. 1400. It was at this time when the rules of the game were modified into the rules we use today.

The Emergence of Chess Tables, Game Tables and Card Tables

In the 16th century furniture pieces were adapted for the purpose of chess and other games. During this time chess tables and game tables were constructed of wood with needlepoint patterns for the game board.

These game tables became further developed and detailed in the 18th century. During this time, card tables reached their peak of popularity and artistic detail. They were practical pieces made to fold, and were finely decorated in the Directoire style, which featured simple angles and hand painting.

Chess tables, game tables and card tables are still popular today with a resurgence of attractive folding card tables reminiscent of the 18th century. Bring the classic game of chess to your home's game room today. Shop for game tables and folding tables at Home Decorators Collection.

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