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Adirondack Chairs: a Piece of American History

Rustic Adirondack Furniture

In upstate New York, near the Adirondack Mountains, Adirondack furniture is just a part of the lifestyle. This style of outdoor, rustic furniture has made its way into the hearts of many throughout our country, thus weaving its way into the fabric of American history. But how did the Adirondack chair become such a popular piece of outdoor home decor for those outside of New York? We may have an idea…

Adirondack Furniture Inspires a Vacation Feeling

Perhaps it's the rustic, natural feeling one gets from the design of Adirondack furniture. Maybe it's the memories of summer vacations at the lake that inspire us to love this outdoor furniture. Add colorfully painted Adirondack chairs to your outdoor decor and suddenly the mood becomes more relaxed and festive. Whatever the reason, Adirondack-style furniture is here to stay.

A Look Back at the Adirondack Chair's Humble Beginnings

Getting its start in a vacation-type setting, the Adirondack chair has been around since the early 1900s. The first chair, designed by Thomas Lee, was the perfect solution to outdoor seating. Testing the first designs on his family, Lee sought to make a very comfortable, attractive piece of outdoor decor.

How Did Adirondack Furniture Get So Comfy?

The Adirondack chair was born in the steep mountains of Upstate New York. Lee designed a straight back and seat, which were set at a slant to sit better on the steep mountain inclines of the area. The Adirondack chair traditionally features a rounded back and contoured seat. The armrests were made to be wide, resulting in a truly comfortable outdoor chair. These wide armrests became the hallmark of the Adirondack chair.

This style evolved beyond chairs. It translates into other pieces like our outdoor cocktail tables, loveseats and even ottomans.

The Role Adirondack Furniture Plays in Today's Lifestyle

Barbequing in the backyard, sitting around an open campfire and lounging on the patio are just some of the ways to enjoy this fabulous outdoor furniture. However you use it, wherever you use it, just remember: you're not just getting attractive outdoor decor, but a piece of Americana.

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