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Ideas for Showcasing Your Art

Is your art clustered together or all alone in a desert of wall? Are your arms tired of carrying that picture around the room while your family plays, "How does it look here?" Let us help.

Wall art should bring the design elements of your room together. Learn how to organize and design your wall art like a professional with these easy tips.

Variety with framed art Lesson #1: Variety is the Spice of Life with Framed Art

Let your artistic side roam free. It is not necessary for all the art to be the same size or use the same style of frame. Use frames, mats and images of different sizes, colors and textures for a beautifully blended complement.

Lesson #2: Group Framed Wall Art in Pairs, Threes or Fours

Strive for balance not uniformity. Consider grouping your art in twos, threes or fours. Try hanging four small, same-size pictures together in a foursquare to give the illusion of a larger picture. Or try hanging two smaller pieces on each side of a larger piece to fill out a large wall.

Lesson #3: Create Templates to Visualize Layout of Framed Art Before you hang any art, create paper templates to help determine the best design.

What you need:
  • Paper (we suggest an old roll of gift wrap or butcher's paper)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
How to Create Your Framed Art Design:
  1. Lay the individual pieces of art out on the paper and trace around them.
  2. Cut out the patterns and tape the templates to your wall to get a feel for the way you would like them arranged.
Mirrors make a room feel bigger

Tips for a Great Wall of Art - Keeping Your Hanging Pictures Fabulous

Accentuate your artwork with lighting or use mirrors to add space and bring elements of diversity to the room. Keep your pictures looking good with these helpful tips:
  • Avoid placing your art near steamy showers or heat sources.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your framed art print.
Bring out your home's personality with wall art Framed Art is an Outlet to Express Yourself

Express yourself. Choose sentimental items such as family photos or select your favorite pieces of art to reflect the personality of your home.

Choose from a multitude of wall art, wall sculptures and wall decor.

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