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Use a Topiary as a Tabletop Christmas Tree

Decorating for the holidays throughout your entire home will bring cheer and a festive look for the season. Shorter topiaries as tabletop Christmas trees are a great way to add a merry look in multiple rooms. They require only minimal time and effort, but you'll enjoy the beautiful results all season long. Placing tabletop trees here and there throughout the house will create a look in your home that will delight you during the holiday season.

Using a topiary for a tabletop Christmas tree is the perfect solution if you don't have enough space for a full-size tree. Most any size space will welcome a tabletop Christmas tree. It is economical and easily can be put away in the corner of a closet after the holidays.

Also, small trees are easier for children to decorate. Getting them a topiary for a tree of their own will allow them to be creative. Set aside a time with your children to create homemade ornaments and garland that will add a special touch. They'll proudly put their tree on display in their room.

Decorating Your Tabletop Tree

The key to making your tabletop Christmas tree fabulous is using decorations appropriate to the scale of the tree. You can use some beautiful ribbon as a garland. In addition, many craft stores now sell small ornaments that would be perfect for a topiary tree.

A tabletop tree makes a perfect seasonal centerpiece. Battery-operated lights will add the necessary wireless element. Decorate the tree to coordinate with the room's decor as well as giving it a holiday theme. For a simple look, place artificial berries at the base for a pop of color and top the topiary with a small star. Or showcase your treasured and priceless ornaments on a tabletop Christmas tree. Because you don't need as many ornaments to decorate a small tree, each one will have a place a prominence.

Using a topiary as a tabletop Christmas tree is a simple and elegant way to spread holiday cheer throughout your home.

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