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How to Choose the Perfect Hanging Chandelier

Hanging Chandeliers Chandeliers vary widely in shape, weight and size. Once you have finished choosing the style of chandelier that will best suit your room, the next step is to determine the appropriate size. Thoroughly evaluate the space in which you plan to hang it. Take note of the ambient light in the room, and consider how many bulbs at what wattage you will need to light the room comfortably. Will a three-light or six-light chandelier work? Or would a nine-light chandelier or even a twelve-light chandelier be more appropriate?

Buying the correct size chandelier need not be intimidating. Measure the size of the room and the size of your existing furniture pieces. Then determine the height of the ceiling. If the chandelier will be hanging in a dining room, measure the height and width of the table you plan to hang your new light fixture over. A dining room chandelier hung over a table should measure about 12 inches narrower than the dining table.

Hanging a Chandelier with Ease

Ideally, a chandelier should hang at least 6-1/2 – 7 feet above the floor in an entryway, living room or hall to allow people to walk comfortably beneath it. When hung above a dining table, a chandelier should rest at least three feet above the table to allow plenty of space for table centerpieces and food. If your room has particularly high ceilings, you may wish to hang your chandelier even higher to maintain harmony with the dimensions of the room.

Before buying a chandelier, examine your existing lighting situation to determine how much construction and electrical work may need to be done to safely hang your new chandelier. If you are replacing an existing ceiling light fixture, chances are that the wiring and infrastructure are already in place to securely hang and wire your new light fixture. However, if you plan to install a chandelier in a room with no existing ceiling light, you may need to consult a licensed electrician about running a safe electrical line to your new light source or consider hiring an electrical contractor for the job.

In either case, depending on the weight of your new chandelier, you may need to install additional hardware to make sure your new light fixture stays in place safely. Make sure to review our electrical safety tips before you start your project.

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