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How to Layer a Room with Lighting

Lighting is the most ignored aspect of home decor, but it is just as important as color, style and furniture. Selected with care, lighting can bring a room together for a functional and finished look. Lighting without any thought can make a room uninviting, unappealing and non-functional.

Three Types of Lighting:

There are three categories of lighting: General, Task, and Accent or Ambient. A room should blend all types of lighting for optimal use and style.

General Lighting:

Ceiling Light FixturesGeneral lighting includes ceiling fixtures and floor lamps. This type of lighting provides general light to the room for visual assistance.

Task Lighting:

Halogen Desk LampsTask lighting includes table lamps. Use task lighting to create activity spaces. For example, placing a table lamp on an end table can create a reading space.

Ambient and Accent Lighting:

Ambient Wall LightingAmbient and accent lighting include wall sconces. This type of illumination can soften the mood or brighten dark corners. Indoor accent lighting is also perfect for highlighting art and architecture.

Choosing a Lamp:

Where you intend to locate the lamp determines how to choose it. Give floor reading lamps plenty of space - the larger the lamp, the bigger the space.

Consider height when it comes to decorative table lamps. Prevent direct viewing of the light bulb by looking up the shade.

  • Use long-necked lamps for low tables.
  • Use short-necked lamps for tall tables.

  • The distance between the bottom of lampshade and the ground should range from 36" to 47".

    Tip: Always remember to balance proportions when it comes to selecting your lighting fixtures and lamps.

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