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The 4 Essential Tips for Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather, the ever-popular furniture choice, can be kept luscious with a few simple strategies. Here are some upholstery cleaning tips to fight back against stains.

I. General Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Moisturizing soap works well with leather furniture. Lather soap on a soft cloth and wash upholstery to remove dirt and grime. Make sure you don't get the leather too wet and avoid rinsing. Leaving the moisturizing soap on the leather conditions it. Then polish as usual.

II. Ink Stains on Leather Upholstery

You're working in your leather chair when suddenly your pen explodes. Don't panic- instead reach for a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Dip the swab into the rubbing alcohol and rub over the ink stain. Then dry the area with a blow dryer. If you still see the stain after drying, apply a thick coat of non-gel, non-oily cuticle remover. Leave this on overnight and wipe off with a damp cloth.

III. Dark Stains on Light Leather Furniture

To remove dark stains from your lightly colored leather upholstery, follow these steps:
  1. Mix one part creme of tartar with one part lemon juice to form a paste.
  2. Rub this paste on the stain, leaving in place for 10 minutes; repeat this step.
  3. Remove with a damp sponge or a damp sponge and moisturizing soap.

IV. Timeliness Equals Cleanliness with Upholstered Furniture

The quicker you respond to a stain on upholstery, the more likely you will be able to remove the spot yourself. Contacting a furniture-cleaning professional may be your best bet if the stain has been in place for some time.

Remember: Always test new methods or products in an inconspicuous spot first; no two pieces of furniture are the same, and may require different care.

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