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How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

What You Need
  1. Six wines —three whites and three reds
  2. Bread or water crackers
  3. Wine glasses — two per guest (one white wine glass and one red wine glass per guest)
  4. Wine cards —for describing and recording each wine
  5. Wine Storage Cabinets
  6. Wine Racks
Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Plan Your Selection of Wines

Achieve balance with three white wines and three red wines to offer a broad range of tastes and aromas.

Tip: Consider a cheese platter to pair with your wine selection. End on a sweet note with a dessert wine complemented by chocolate or cheesecake.

Decorate Your Home

Set the mood for your party with the invitations. Follow through with your selected theme in your decorations. Choose elegant table linens, crystal wine glasses and candlelight for a formal affair. Use vintage bottles, an over-sized wine glass filled with wine corks, and a platter of grapes and cheese for a more casual evening.

Create Wine Cards

Make a wine card for each guest, listing the wine menu. Each card should include the type of wine, the vineyard, the year and a description of the wine. Leave a blank space next to each wine for your guests to record their own thoughts. Get creative and decorate the cards with your party's theme.

Introduce each Wine

Chill both red and white wines before serving. Even a red wine should be brought down from room temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Introduce each wine prior to tasting. Offer your selection of white wines from sweet to dry. Offer your selection of red wines from light to full-bodied. Remember to save or add a dessert wine for a sweet finish.

Conduct the Taste Test

After you introduce and serve a wine, have your guests record their thoughts on their wine cards. Walk your guests through the wine menu, and suggest they record their assessments on the wine's color, smells and flavors.

Rinse and Clean each Wine Glass

Between tasting, rinse wine glasses with fresh water. Serve small slices of bread or water crackers to clean the pallet.

Clean Up After the Party

If there are opened bottles remaining, use a vacuum seal and store vertically in the refrigerator. Not all wines store well after being opened, while others may be good up to three days.

And finally, when serving alcoholic beverages be mindful of your guests' safety, and never let anyone drink and drive. As the host or hostess, be prepared to offer a place to stay over or arrange transportation.

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