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Silverware and cutlery for daily use and elegant occasions

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1-22 OF 22 ITEMS
1-22 OF 22 ITEMS

The simplest and yet most enduring way to take your dining experience to the next level is with new flatware. It can elevate your dinner from ordinary into the realm of a special occasion, bringing greater significance to the act of eating. Simply using cutlery that is pleasing to the eye, in a style that suits your personal aesthetic, helps to round out any meal, whether it's one you've labored over or one you've simply thrown together. A take-out meal can even feel like fine dining when you use elegant silverware. Pair it with attractive everyday dinnerware and you've completely transformed what might have been a lackluster meal into one that's extraordinary.
Unlike tabletop items like dishes that spend most of the time resting on the table, flatware needs to feel good in your hand. When it's ergonomic, easy to hold, neither too heavy nor too light, it further enhances the simple act of bringing fork to mouth. At Home Decorators Collection, you'll find flatware sets made of superior quality 18/10 stainless steel in an array of styles to fit your personal tastes and preference.
Inspired by vintage design, Asian simplicity, classic motifs and modernity, any set from our flatware collection will stylishly anchor your tabletop. A classical style with intricate scrollwork and a polished finish highlights a vintage or traditional sensibility. Contrasting the flatware style with that of the dinnerware can create a unique, individual look. For instance, slim, modern pieces would add intrigue alongside dinnerware with a traditional floral motif. Square and rectangular dinnerware would couple nicely with curvy flatware.
Once you've chosen your flatware and dinnerware, complete your setting with glassware and drinkware.

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