Rug Pads

Provide a solid foundation for your beautiful carpet with a rug pad. Not only will rug pads bring comfort and cushion to your rugs, but they'll also add durability to make them last longer. You can even protect your floors underneath with padding that prevents color transfer and staining.

Rug pads create a safer environment by reducing the wrinkles and slippage of your area rug, which also makes it easier to vacuum. Whether you need a rug pad for a hard surface or carpet, we have the selection for you. Explore our options today.

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Rug Pad
1. Create a safer environment by reducing wrinkles and slippage of your rug.
2. Extend the life of your area rug.
3. Protect against color transfer, marring and staining of your floor or carpet.
4. Add comfort and cushion to your rug.
5. Vacuum your rug more easily.

    Indoor Non-Slip Cushion Rug Pad
  • Has special grips that are designed for use on all types of hard surfaces.
  • Slim profile is specially designed to prevent slippage.
  • Easily trimmed to fit any size rug.
  • Guaranteed not to mar, stain or discolor your floors.
    Indoor All-Surface Rug Pad
  • Helps protect your floors from dye transfer, marring or scratching.
  • Easy to trim for the perfect fit.
  • Great for use even on uneven or hard surfaces.
  • Ideal for rug-to-carpet application.
    Indoor Premium All-Surface Rug Pad
  • Reversible for use on carpet.
  • Easy to trim for the perfect fit.
  • Adds extra cushion and helps prevent slippage.
  • Guaranteed not to damage or discolor your floor.
  • Scratch side faces up on hard floors and down on carpet.
    Outdoor Premium Rug Pad
  • Adds cushion for extra comfort underfoot.
  • Slightly lifts rug to enhance drainage and resist rot, mold and mildew.
  • Easy to cut for a precise fit.

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