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Folding Shopping Carts

Stay organized on the go with a collapsible shopping cart or folding utility cart

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    We Go Rolling Cart

    We Go Rolling Cart

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    Go Two Rolling Cart

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    1-3 OF 3 ITEMS

    Our folding shopping carts help you think outside the bag. From grocery shopping to laundry room trips, picnics at the park to family road trips, you can do so much more easily with a folding utility cart. These versatile folding grocery carts are the perfect solution for transporting items from one point to another virtually without lifting a finger. While we offer a wide range of storage carts for every room of your home, these collapsible portable shopping carts are light enough to go anywhere within and outside the home yet robust enough to carry a reasonable load of groceries, laundry, yard supplies and other items.
    Our folding grocery carts have durable frames and flexible, high-capacity bags, making them suitable for a wide variety of uses. You can choose from zippered and locked utility carts and open ones based on your need. Carrying groceries from the car into your kitchen often involves making multiple trips with heavy shopping bags. Instead, why not use a folding shopping cart and make just one effortless trip? These folding carts even make it easy to leave the car at home and walk to the grocery store instead. When not in use, these portable shopping carts fold away for easy storage.
    Folding utility carts with locks make great choices for travel too. A folding cart that includes a thermal bag is perfect for picnics and barbeques. You could easily use one as a laundry cart to haul your load from the bathroom to the laundry or the laundry room to your bedroom. Folding carts with adjustable-height handles are all the more convenient to maneuver.
    There's no question that a folding utility cart is a handy addition to your home. Choose the style that fits your need from our varied selection of portable shopping carts.

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