Christmas Stockings & Tree Skirts

Christmas stockings and Christmas tree skirts will enhance your holiday haven

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Stockings and tree skirts are the hardworking stalwarts of holiday decor. Typically, we pull the same ones out of Christmas storage year after year. They serve their purpose, oftentimes without ceremony, and then they return to their designated storage space.
Over the years, though, these mainstays can start to look tired and outdated. A new set of stockings and a fresh tree skirt can bring new life to your holiday decor. In fact, updating their style can kick off a completely new theme that you can follow throughout the rest of your home.
A new set of stockings or a brand-new tree skirt can mark the start of a new tradition. Chosen to mark a birth, to celebrate an event or simply because they speak to you, their purchase can represent more than just a new choice in decor. They can pinpoint a particular moment in your well of holiday memories. At Home Decorators Collection, you'll find stockings and tree skirts in a variety of styles.
The spotlight will shine on the mantel with stockings outfitted in modern motifs, silky textures or earth-worn fabrics. Alternately, you could start a new tradition with classic holiday decor and motifs. The warmth and simplicity of decor in cream cottons, earthy greens and deep reds never grows old. When these elements are woven into stockings and hung from the mantel, everyone will know the season has begun.
Draw inspiration from the rest of your holiday aesthetic. When the stockings and tree skirt mirror a broader style, they complete the look like an exclamation point.

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