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Table Clocks

Discover elegant mantel clocks, desk clocks and more

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    1-27 OF 27 ITEMS

    Few functional pieces make decorating as much fun as clocks. Table clocks especially lend themselves to a wide range of creative ideas and possibilities. Go traditional with a classic round shape, or shake things up with a sleek modern look. Whatever your taste, we've made it easy to find a table clock that will dress up any space.
    Try mixing and matching styles. Put an elegant piece in a casual den or a whimsical table clock on a shelf in a formal living room. Try creating an interesting tablescape with a combination of table clocks and other decor. Choose a theme and let your imagination take flight. Love old Hollywood glamour? Surround a vintage-look table clock with pieces that sparkle and shine. Want to create a global feel? Line a mantel with several table clocks set to different international time zones.
    Add a timeless touch to a guest bedroom with a fanciful table clock on the dresser. Display two or three table clocks at different heights and create a unique centerpiece for your dining room table. Put an unusual table clock on a shelf in your entryway to keep everyone on schedule. A cheerful table clock nestled in the corner of the kitchen is a great way to add function and charm.
    Available in different designs, colors and sizes, our table clocks add a stylish, functional touch to every room in the house. With clocks ranging from the classic to the contemporary and the abstract to the traditional, you're sure to find one that will look great sitting on an accent table, gracing a mantel or sitting on a bath vanity.

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