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Decorative Balls & Finials

Stylish finials, balls and other decorative objects

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    1-17 OF 17 ITEMS

    When you see decorating your home as a beautiful way to put your signature on your space, searching for decorative objects turns into more than a hobby. It is a passion that drives every choice you make in your space. It's not about following trends or adding knickknacks to fill a shelf - it's carefully picking out pieces like intriguing finials and decorative balls that connect the different elements in your space to tell a story. When you select accent pieces that speak to you, your home decor shines with a tasteful hint of your personality. Just as carefully chosen wall decor can add a whole new dimension to your space, handpicked home accents make a difference to your display shelves, tabletop and other surfaces.
    From bookends and door stops to vases and bottles, our selection of decorative objects will delight your senses. While each accent has its functional and aesthetic appeal, our decorative balls and finials stand out with their architectural influence. Traditionally used to top outdoor fences and posts, they become fascinating focal points indoors. We've chosen a wide range of decorative balls and finials to complement every space. From single metal balls to groups of multicolored crystal or glass balls, you will find spherical decorative objects in a number of styles to round out your decor. Depending on size and material, you could display these balls directly on a side table or shelf or create a grouping in a decorative bowl or tray. You could even choose balls in colors that match the season and switch out your home accents without altering your style.
    If our decorative balls dazzle you with their variety, color and style, our finials are no less fabulous. Placed atop an entryway table or shelf, or even as part of your dining table centerpiece, these finials make excellent conversation pieces. In our collection you will find finials that recall the artistic and architectural influences of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and other regions. Whether you choose a single finial for its whimsical charm or a set for its wonderful craftsmanship, you will be proud to showcase your choice. In addition to the character and beauty they bring to your space, home accents have a hidden advantage. The next time you see someone admiring your choice, make a note, for decorative objects like balls and finials also make unique gifts.

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