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X-ray photography’s popularity is soaring – take advantage of this chance to get never before seen images by Steven N. Meyers.

"Meyers' photography shows us a delicate and fascinating perspective of nature including flowers, plants and seashells."

His award-winning fine art photography is one of the hottest new trends in home décor.

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At our Custom Frame Shop, you can custom frame Meyers' photography to complement any décor style. We also offer an extensive selection of framed art, canvas, and photography in many other subjects and styles.

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Artist Statement: "By using x-rays instead of light, an unusual inner vision can be revealed, and Nature shows us textures, details, and shadows that would otherwise not be seen.

Visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and falls between x-rays and infrared. My x-ray images are a collection of negatives, positives, and solarized images — solarized being partly negative and partly positive at the same time. Black and white images have been a part of my daily life since 1971. In my 25+ years as a radiology technologist, I have experimented with this art form many times.

Having been involved with traditional landscape photography for many years, the challenges of this alternative technique were many. Although most of my photography work was in color, I've always loved the impact of a nice black and white landscape print. I've attempted to create radiographic still life compositions and to produce images that are quite different from the work of other floral radiographers before me." - Steven N. Meyers

Customer Testimonials:

"The intricate detail of this piece is really something. Thanks for a wonderful Home Decorators Collection experience."
     -- Elizabeth D.

"Your prices are fantastic. Thank you for a completely positive internet shopping experience."
     -- G. L., Sedona, AZ

"I received my order this past week and wanted you to know how VERY pleased I am with its quality and beauty and also the very secure packaging method used by your company. Thanks again."
     -- S. A. , York, PA

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