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Inspired by the interior spaces of 19th and early 20th century manufacturing factories, the Industrial style combines a purely functional aesthetic with stylish refinements. During the height of the Industrial Revolution, these factories were a symbol of the lives of everyday working people. Inside these massive structures of commerce there was no need for fussy details or overt ornamentation. Instead, with their exposed brick walls, huge glass windows, massive machinery, well-worn wooden floors and tables and practical lighting, this distinctive style reminds one that factories were primarily about creating a functional environment.

Edgy yet sophisticated, Industrial style celebrates the utilitarian aspect of the industrial era while giving it a touch of chic comfort. Industrial style furniture has strong, sleek lines and no-frills surfaces with the warm look of beautifully reclaimed or distressed woods. It has characteristic features like metal legs or hardware that is reminiscent of machinery. Common design elements of industrial decor are new or salvaged factory parts, wood accents with rich, lived-in patinas or even peeling paint, clear or ribbed glass lighting and just about anything metal.

With our wide range of Industrial-style furniture for everything from your bath to your patio, we've got exactly what you need to easily transform any space. Start with key pieces that feature the hallmarks of industrial style furniture such as tables or chairs made with weathered wood and new or aged metal. Add in striking pieces of industrial decor like metal seating or framed works of art that remind you of this bygone era. Choose lamps or pendant lighting with metal bulb cages, ribbed glass shades and angular, sharp lines. Provide a beautiful, soft contrast to the hard, raw lines of the look with chic touches like plump pillows, upholstered pieces and flowing drapes in vintage-inspired colors, patterns or prints. Try adding in a plush rug with a strong graphic design to give your room inviting comfort.

If you love it when form follows function and want a style that works hard but looks effortless, Industrial chic is perfect for you.

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