Kids Growth Charts

Time flies when you're growing - mark every moment with a growth chart

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You know parenthood comes with lots of responsibilities. Every parent wants to record each "first" moment, every special new experience - yet you'd be amazed how many baby books never get filled up, how many photos don't get printed or framed, how many notes and important dates go unrecorded. We understand. It happens. You're busy raising a kid, for heavens' sake!
That's why our kids growth charts make it easy to mark the time with every single landmark event. This diverse collection of growth charts trumps the "doorframe" method (as charming as it was when you were growing up!) with its large selection of fun, decorative designs. Place one alongside your child's bed or use it in the playroom.
In today's modern world - where posting a photo to a social network or sending a video from phone to phone is push-button simple - it's easy to forget the charms of a tactile, beloved sentimental object. When returned to time and time again, it becomes priceless, as years of undigitized experience are layered one over the other, until the object itself holds more memory, and evokes more emotion, than any SD card or Internet cloud could ever hope to inspire.
Choose from artist-designed prints on professional grade canvas, with imagery that ranges from sweet and simple to delightfully decorative or richly detailed. Also available are fun, colorful vinyl growth chart decals that you can affix to any wall in the house and easily peel and move. Many coordinate with our decorative toys and gifts, so you can design a room that fits you and your young one's tastes.
You can personalize many of these charts with your child's name. Some of our hanging charts even allow you to insert photos into display panels, making your child's wall growth chart an even more precious repository of memories. It's sure to become a treasured keepsake even when outgrown.

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