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Ah, baby pictures. Everyone's go-to for adorable memories, instant "oohs" and "aahs" over how cute you were, every mom and dad's favorite way to mortify you in front of your prom date back when you were a teenager. Now that you're a parent, you get to do it all for your child.
But this time, it has a whole new meaning. These are the timeless memories you'll treasure forever: touchstones from your child's first years. First smile, first crawl, first steps, first words, first ride on dad's shoulders, first holiday season, first silly giraffe outfit...every moment totally unique to your brand-new family, each one in need of a kids' picture frame to showcase it appropriately.
In a day and age when we can automatically upload our snapshots to the cloud or a photo-sharing service, what's the role of printed, framed photographs? Well, they mark your home with images of times you treasure. They line the walls with an archive of collected family memory that can't be duplicated by pixels, bits or bytes. They create perfectly personalized art and a decorative touch that says "This is our home. This is who we are."
So amongst the sweet-as-pie children's furniture and teddy bears, your cheery kids' decor theme of zoo animals or alphabet blocks, add the impeccable grace note of an elegant silver picture frame. A large frame that holds 12 thumbnail photos, one for each of your baby's first 12 months. A powder-pink floral frame, or a shadowbox designed to hold a birth photo as well as memorabilia such as hospital bracelets and baby's first little socks. You can even frame your ultrasound photo. The sky - well, the ceiling - is the limit.
Group your diverse photo frames by aligning their tops along one or multiple rows on a wall, or mix it up! A clever way to unite an eclectic group of photos is to use all one color or style of frame. If you want many different sorts of frames, use a contrasting color on the wall behind the photos: it gives the illusion of them all being part of one united collection.
Which they are, really - a collection of moments in the life of you and your child.

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