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Milestones will stick out with these baby month stickers

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Milestones are a daily occurrence in the first year of a baby's life. Many proud parents mark them by capturing their bundles of joy in photographs - lots and lots of photographs. Each month offers the beginning of a big, new marker in their development, from holding up her head to sitting by himself to eating solid foods. It's all a thrill.
And then there's the physical growth that takes place on a day-by-day timeline. From newborn to full-fledged one-year-old, that first year is a heady time for all babies. Use monthly baby stickers to divide up the year and delight in your child's development from month to month.
Available in a variety of styles, baby month stickers are a fun way to celebrate your baby's milestones. Place one on her outfit and capture the frozen moment in time in a picture. The effect of this photography prop is sentimental, sweet and utterly timeless.
If you've put together a photo album or a scrapbook, use the monthly baby stickers to help create a timeline of the previous year. We offer retro or chalkboard stickers that create a vintage feel. For a playful tone, our colorful animal and flower stickers hit the note.
While you're celebrating your little one, peruse our personalized wall art to find an addition to your baby's room decor that's unique to your little one. Wall art can also double as photography props.
When you've made it through all 12 baby month stickers, it's time for baby to graduate to our diverse array of growth charts. With animal, sports and city scenes, our charts double as attractive art for her room. It's an ideal way to continue celebrating in her growth.

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