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Laundry Carts & Drying Racks

A laundry basket on wheels keeps your clean clothes cycle moving

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    Deluxe Ironing Board Cover
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    Deluxe Ironing Board Cover

    $9.00 to $16.00
    Martha Stewart Living™ Laundry Storage Metal Baskets
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    Martha Stewart Living™ Laundry Storage Metal Baskets

    Was:$59.00 to $99.00

    Outlet:$14.99 to $24.99

    1-28 OF 28 ITEMS

    One thing that can wreak havoc in an otherwise neat and organized home is a laundry room situation that spins out of control. Whether yours is a growing family with one or more little ones, a family with teenagers and their never-ending outfit changes or an almost empty nest with kids away at college arriving on the weekends with their unwashed clothes, having laundry storage and organization under control is key to maintaining household sanity. Keeping up with multiple loads of laundry every week can be a challenge. Our selection of laundry carts, drying racks and laundry baskets on wheels are all designed to lighten your load and help every laundry cycle roll along smoothly.
    Equipping yourself with the right kind of laundry hampers is the first and most important step. We offer a wide range of material, size and style options to choose from, including kid-friendly designs. However, stationery hampers can only take your laundry so far. Sometimes, only a rolling laundry cart will do the trick. Laundry carts with built-in sorting baskets and hanging bars go from your bathroom or laundry room to your back porch or deck and back easily. Many of our laundry baskets on wheels come with shelves, drawers and bins for storing your laundry supplies, accessories and even a surface for ironing or folding clothes, saving you a few trips to the laundry room and back.
    Then there's the challenge of hanging your delicates, dressy blouses, socks and other such items out to dry. Not many laundry rooms are equipped for these. In urban settings and apartments, space constraints add to the challenge. The good news is, no space is too small and no challenge too big for our laundry solutions to surmount. We offer specially designed, compact wall-mounted drying racks as well as laundry carts with folding rods and bars that provide you plenty of ways to dry your clothes no matter how small your space and how frequent your laundry cycle. Armed with collapsible drying racks that fold away when not in use and multi-tier carts that save space and time, you can confidently tackle any load without throwing in the towel.

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