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Lamps add a soft, flattering layer of light in any space. If you're looking for a simple, quick and effective update to any space, just add a table lamp, accent lamp or floor lamp. In many rooms, ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and flush mount lights provide the necessary ambient lighting, but decorative lamps at different heights add more to the ambience. You'll find that a well-designed space uses lamps to illuminate decor, light up wall art and make a statement. Some lamps don't even have to be turned on for them to make their mark; their style alone does the trick.
With all the different shapes, styles and materials available, shopping for lamps presents both a visual treat and a challenge. This is one area where you can certainly afford to explore, experiment and be bold and creative with your choice. If you prefer a more classic style, there's plenty of traditional lamps to discover too. Variety in style shines through in our selection of lamps, with options ranging from art deco to abstract, classic to contemporary and rustic to cottage. Lamp shades run the gamut as well, ranging in material from glass, fabric, and metal available in bell, drum, tapered and other shapes. Personal taste has a role to play in choosing lighting for your space, but it helps to keep a few key guidelines in mind concerning the scale of your room, the function and position of each lamp and the decorating style.

  • A good rule of thumb in creating layered lighting is to use a mix of floor lamps and table lamps to complement ceiling light fixtures.
  • Lamps with adjustable arms and tilting shades allow you great flexibility in controlling the angle of light - something you will appreciate in a craft room, home office or reading nook.
  • Multi-light lamps that allow you to turn on as many lights as you want at a time, and those with dimmers are perfect for multipurpose rooms like the family room. You can change the brightness and mood in your space depending on whether it's grown-up movie night or family game night.
  • The most popular locations for table lamps are end tables, console tables, nightstands and desks, where they provide additional illumination for conversation or reading or serve as task lights. You could also try them on dressers, chests and media tables that are used for display.
  • Floor lamps give you the opportunity to draw attention to an otherwise unused or overlooked space. For instance, in a narrow space where there's not enough room for furniture, why not hang wall art and bring it into focus with a tall lamp? In a small living room, try a floor lamp with shelves in the place of an end table.
  • Mix and match the styles of different lamps to keep things interesting. For instance, you could flank a sofa with matching accent lamps but use a floor lamp in a different style at the other end of the room. You might also add an element of surprise in a modern concept with a rustic lamp in a distressed finish. In a neutral setting, add a pop of color and interest with an accent lamp featuring a brightly colored base or shade.

There's no question that you can brighten any space with the addition of a lamp. Decorative lamps make wonderful gifts for newlyweds and new homeowners. Our selection of kids lighting is the right place to look for lamps and shades for the nursery. Don't forget, you can also update the existing lamps in any room with a brand new lamp shade. And you can find it all in one place here at Home Decorators Collection.

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