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You don't have to make a huge investment to get a new look. New lampshades can completely change the tone of a space. Match them with accent pieces like throw pillows and table accessories to breathe new life into your decorating concept.

Neutral-tone shades add character without overwhelming your decor. You can also try color to wash your room in a different mood. Our shades run the spectrum from ivory to black and include warm neutrals and eye-catching options like red and grey. When using bolder tones, match your paint trim or an accent color in wall art, throw pillows or rugs to avoid overwhelming the eyes.

If the shade is for a task light or reading light, use a translucent shade that will put out plenty of illumination. For accent lamps that add a warm glow but don't need to brighten an area, opaque shades in bold colors can make a striking statement.

Be sure to choose the right shape that fits your style. With their elegantly curving profile, bell shades offer a classic look. Empire shades are more transitional, with a round, tapered shape. Drum shades are versatile; their cylindrical profile can fit traditional, contemporary and cottage design styles. Texture is another way to make your design mark. Our fabrics range from cotton, linen and silk to burlap.

Pay attention to your shade's footprint. For table lamps, the shade should not extend beyond the edge of the table. In narrow or heavy traffic areas, try a slim shade to avoid accidental bumps. You should also make sure your shade is large enough. There should be at least three inches between the bulb and the shade, and the saddle, the part of the lamp that holds the bulb, should not be visible when your eyes are level with the shade.

Shade dimensions are listed by the height of the slant - that is, the distance from the outermost edge of the top to the outermost edge of the bottom - and the width and depth of the bottom. A chandelier shade might have a slant height of 4.5" and a bottom diameter of 5"; we would list these dimensions as 4.5"H x 5" diameter.

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