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Rain Barrels

Clever, functional vessels for rainwater collection

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    Pop-Up Water Barrel - 75 Gallon

    Pop-Up Water Barrel - 75 Gallon


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    Pop-Up Water Barrel - 50 Gallon

    Pop-Up Water Barrel - 50 Gallon


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    1-2 OF 2 ITEMS

    Keeping your lawn and garden lush and green can sometimes be a daunting task. Instead of dragging the garden hose, turning on the faucet and running up your water bill, why not consider using a rain barrel for free rainwater collection?
    If you're new to rainwater recycling, rain barrels are barrel-shaped devices used to catch rainwater that can then be used for watering your plants. They can be hooked up directly to your gutter's downspout, capturing the rain that pours off your roof and storing it for later use. They can also sit on the deck or porch or even out next to a shed. Most have a fine mesh screen that lets the water in and keeps leaves and other debris out. Many have a removable or lift-up top, which lets you store your watering can or bucket right inside. You can also connect it to a garden hose and control the flow through a tap with an on/off valve.
    Soft rainwater is better for your plants than processed tap water because it's free of chlorine and other chemicals. Rainwater will help you grow the greenest lawn or have the freshest garden and flowers possible.
    One of the best benefits of having a rain barrel is the addition of a faucet to water with wherever you need it. That can be a big convenience, especially if you have a large lawn or a garden not so close to the house. Rain barrels can also help to reduce water bills.

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