Low Price Guarantee


We are so confident that we offer quality products
at superior values that we stand behind our guarantee.

If you order an item from us and see the exact same full-priced item advertised for less at any other retailer, send that retailer's ad or website link to us within 30 days of your shipment and we'll refund the difference between the two prices, excluding processing/shipping charges.

If you have not yet placed your order we will gladly honor the competitor's price, excluding processing/shipping charges.
Some exclusions apply, such as offers for free processing/shipping or percentage off coupons as they are not item specific. Items found at auction or re-sale outlets are excluded.

The following information is needed in order to process your request:
  • Order Number (or complete name and contact phone number if no order has been placed)
  • Our Item Number
  • Our Item Description
  • Our Price
  • Competitor's Name
  • Competitor's Item Number
  • Competitor's Item Description
  • Competitor's Price
  • Copy of Competitor's Ad or Website Link

Once this information has been submitted, please allow 7 to 10 business days for completion.
Questions? Please call (877) 537-8539 or email us.

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