There was a time when it was hard to find floor mats in colors other than brown, beige, taupe or some other neutral shade. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now, brilliantly-colored, beautifully designed and stylish floor mats are readily available, and Home Decorators Collection has carefully curated a diverse, high-quality selection.
The floor mat serves many purposes. Outside your front door, it's one of your first opportunities to greet guests with a taste of your personal style. It also helps keep dirt and grime outside and away from your rugs. In the kitchen or craft room, the floor mat gives relief to your feet and back, helping you stand longer and more comfortably while cooking or working on your latest project.
When choosing the design and color of your floor mat, consider its placement. What first impression do you want to make at the front door? Should your floor mat echo the look of your entryway runner rug? Should it share design details with your outdoor lighting? At a side door, perhaps a more whimsical design would be more welcoming - imagery of animals or nature, or perhaps your favorite hobby.
Indoors, you'll want to take your wall color into account as well as your existing rugs. If you're planning to refresh your kitchen decor, a themed floor mat could be the perfect inspiration. In the craft room, you might try a bright, bold color that will recharge your creative energy whenever you glance down.
Whatever direction your style decisions take you, Home Decorators Collection has the selection to support your vision.

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