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An area rug is the foundation of a room. It infuses your space with color, offers comfort for your feet and helps to reduce noise. To find the right area rug, consider style, color, size and shape.

There are three main rug styles: traditional, contemporary and transitional. Traditional rugs feature classic European, Oriental and Persian designs. These pieces are formal and elegant and boast either antique or updated color palettes. They are often crafted of wool. Contemporary rugs offer modern designs ranging from tailored architectural to abstract and these area rugs are often rendered in bold colors. Transitional rugs are the most versatile. These designs fall somewhere in the middle of traditional and contemporary and can act as bridges between furniture and decor pieces on both ends of the style spectrum. Elegant but less formal, transitional rugs often feature reimagined traditional motifs, especially flowers and vines. Many of our outdoor rugs feature transitional designs.

We've broken our rug selection out into additional styles to help you narrow down your selection. Choose from flokati, shag, floral, border, country, novelty, lodge, Southwestern, Asian influence, braided, tropical and kids.

Home Decorators Collection floor rugs are also categorized by either the main color of the field, or both the color of the rug's field and border. On a traditional rug, the field is the area within the border; on other rugs, it is the background or most-used color. When a color option shows two hues, the first represents the field color and the second is the border color. When evaluating whether the rug will match your decor, you should consider the overall tone, not just the field color. Try not to focus on any one hue, but instead view the rug as a whole.

Where the rug will be placed plays a major part in what kind of area rug you need. For frequently visited areas like your entryway or living room, machine-made synthetic rugs are the ultimate floor covering because they stand up to heavy foot traffic and are easy to clean, making them family-friendly. At the same time, they give you that soft feeling under your feet that you crave. For less busy areas like a guest room or home office, opt for cotton or natural fiber rugs.

You can determine the rug size you need based on how the room is used, how the furniture is arranged and where the rug will be placed. Take conversation areas, furniture placement and traffic patterns into account. Measure the area that various rug sizes would take up in the room, including any fringe, and consider how much exposed floor would remain.

Though we sell floor rugs in many different shapes and sizes, Home Decorators Collection rugs are typically shown in our catalog and online in a rectangular or oval shape. A rug's design, including scale and color, may vary based on its size and shape. In addition, the dimensions of handcrafted rugs may vary up to 5% from rug to rug.

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