When looking for a new rug, it's easy to focus on finding the perfect color and style. A rug's design can make or break a decorating concept. But a rug's size has a big impact as well, affecting how the furniture visually fits within the space. Too small and the furniture appears to overpower the room. Too big and the rug swallows the furniture.
The use of the room, the arrangement of the furniture and the placement of the rug all factor into optimal rug size. Your first step is to define the room's conversation area. Determine where the furniture will go and how traffic will flow through the room. Then decide whether you want the rug to define the conversation space or fill most of the floor. The former may be ideal in areas with a lot of traffic, as placing the rug beneath a furniture cluster and leaving the rest of the floor open will help you avoid wearing a track into part of your rug over time. The latter looks luxurious in a room with less traffic, such as a bedroom or dining room. If you choose to place your dining room rug beneath the table and chairs and leave the rest of the floor open, be sure the rug is 24" wider and 36" longer than the table. This will allow chairs to remain on the rug when your family and friends are seated.
Once you've decided where you want your rug and how much space you want it to cover, measure the area to determine the size rug to purchase. Remember to factor in fringe, if applicable, when considering the overall size. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the dimensions of handcrafted rugs may vary up to five percent from rug to rug. Allow for this when selecting your rug size.
Your final step is the easiest: shop by size at Home Decorators Collection. You'll be able to browse just through rugs in the size you need, then narrow by other factors such as material, weave and color.

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