Traditional Rugs >

A testament to elegance, our collection of traditional rugs reflects the styling of Oriental/Persian or classic European designs. Select from a wide range of colors with luxurious texture.

Traditional Rugs

Transitional Rugs >

Discover transitional area rugs, a marriage of the traditional and contemporary schools of design. Our transitional collection blends casual elegance with fresh style.

Transitional Rugs

Contemporary Rugs >

Shop modern trends with our contemporary area rug collection with diverse styles from structured to free-form designs. Choose from our extensive, vibrant palette to enhance your decor with color.

Contemporary Rugs

Outdoor Rugs >

Take luxury outdoors with our beautiful and durable outdoor area rugs. The ultimate in endurance, our all-weather outdoor rugs are quick drying, non-fading and stain, mildew and mold resistant.

Outdoor Rugs

Flokati & Shag Rugs >

For unbeatable comfort, try our Flokati and shag rugs. Flokati rugs are made in Greece using age-old techniques and the finest wool while shag rugs offer an affordable stylish alternative.

Shag & Flokati Rugs

Floral & Tropical Rugs >

Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside with floral rugs. Add a floral rug and infuse any room with the romance and color of pastels or bold hues. Browse our floral rugs today.

Floral & Tropical Rugs

Solid & Border Rugs >

Elevate your decor with a solid-color rug or a border rug. Solid rugs add texture and wash a space in color. The wide, open center of a border rug provides the perfect frame for a furniture grouping.

Border Rugs

Novelty Rugs >

Bring unique style into your space with our novelty rugs. Choose from popular themes as well as vintage styles, and enjoy both the exceptional quality and distinct design of your purchase.

Novelty Rugs

Southwestern Rugs >

Warm up your home with the rich colors of a southwestern area rug. Our collection of southwestern rugs includes traditional Native American designs and bold southwest patterns.

Southwestern Rugs

World Beat Rugs >

Combining art, function and a touch of Asian flair, these Asian-influence rugs make an exciting addition to any space. Browse this selection today for both contemporary and traditional designs.

World Beat Rugs

Braided Rugs >

Add warmth, texture and a touch of country appeal to your space with braided rugs. These rugs combine a thick, soft pile with superior durability for long-lasting use in any room of your home.

Braided Rugs

Kid's Rugs >

Create a fun setting in your child's room with kid's rugs. Soft yet durable, our kid's area rugs will provide bold colors and charming patterns that any child will love.

Kid's Rugs

The world of rugs has grown and diversified to incorporate a wealth of tastes and styles. You're no longer limited to the traditional Persian and classic European designs of yore. Today, alongside bold, contemporary area rugs you'll find novelty, tropical, world beat, braided and shag rugs for sale. Even traditional rugs have seen updates, with fresh, borderless designs and enlarged motifs. With Home Decorators Collection's extensive selection of rug styles, you'll find the perfect floor covering for every room in your home, as well as the porch, patio or deck.
Rugs in the bedroom soften the space, adding comfort and style. An area rug under the bed in a design that complements the linens can create a strong aesthetic ensemble. Lighten up brightly colored walls or heavy, dark furniture with a cream Flokati rug or a pastel rug in an elegant, traditional style. Alternately, go the other way with a world beat, contemporary or transitional rug in bold, colorful shades. Graphical patterns, flower rugs, sharp lines and starkly contrasting colors offer a strong foundation for light-colored linens and furniture.
The area rug is the foundation of style in the living room and dining room. Set the tone with a design that complements your furniture. Seating and tables in a classic style - rolled arms, carved wood, elegant tufting, rich finishes - call for the elegance of traditional and Persian rugs. A modern furniture ensemble demands a dramatic rug - perhaps a bold, solid color, perhaps a striking geometric pattern, perhaps an abstract work of contemporary art. For cottage and transitional styles, botanical designs in soft, worn palettes offer a welcoming feel. Braided rugs, solid-color rugs, or rugs featuring farm motifs in bright colors suit a farmhouse-style living room. Industrial spaces benefit from neutral shades; a shag rug adds intriguing texture.
Of course, contrast can create a unique, striking aesthetic. Make a cottage or farmhouse concept more eclectic with a contemporary rug. Update a classic room with a world beat rug. Soften an industrial look with a transitional rug, or make a splash with something more modern. When mixing design styles, be sure to maintain a few points of consistency, such as color, motif or border design.
Once you've determined the look you're going for, shopping by style is simple with Home Decorators Collection. Simply click on the style of your choice, then use the options in the left menu to narrow the results by color, size, price and more. Soon you'll have discovered the perfect foundational piece for every space.

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