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Umbrella Stands

Keep your entryway tidy and dry with umbrella holders

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    1-3 OF 3 ITEMS

    Umbrella stands add function to your entryway or mudroom. If you've ever forgotten to take an umbrella along on a rainy day, you will appreciate having an indoor umbrella stand in your home. You're less likely to leave your parasol behind when it sits right there in an umbrella holder by the door. Besides keeping these outdoor essentials handy when you're heading out, umbrella stands also keep dripping umbrellas from ruining your floor or carpet when you or your guests enter your home on a wet day. You will be glad you included an umbrella holder in your entryway storage on such days.
    Indoor umbrella stands come in a number of shapes and sizes. Many have sturdy hooks and double as coat hangers. You may not think of umbrella stands as part of your closet storage solution, but you could use one in your closet or by your dresser to hang coats, hats, scarves, belts and other accessories. Its versatility makes an indoor umbrella stand a great addition to your home and a wonderful gift for someone moving into a new home.
    When choosing an umbrella stand for your home, consider both function and aesthetics. Think about how many hooks you want on the coat hanger portion of the umbrella holder. Does the umbrella stand have a tray at its base to collect dripping water? Is it light enough to move from one room to another yet sturdy enough to hold all the weight? Also, take into account its appearance and finish. Indoor umbrella holders are available in different finishes ranging from steel and chrome to wood and in styles ranging from traditional to modern; choose one that looks and feels right for your home.

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