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Garage, entryway, laundry room, closet, craft room...there are many places in the home where stuff tends to accumulate, but these areas can be especially problematic. Solve your clutter dilemmas with storage solutions from Home Decorators Collection.

The garage may be where you park your car. It may be your workshop. It may be both. Regardless of how you use this multifunctional space, our garage storage solutions can help. Avoid spilling cleaning products or oil by storing liquids in wall racks with drip guards. Keep your tools within reach right on the wall. Need space for projects? Add a table, and slide a rolling cart beneath it to store supplies.

It's too easy when you first walk in your front door to kick off your shoes, drop your bags, throw off your coat and leave a mess. Streamline your entryway with storage solutions like hall trees, wall hooks and shoe storage. If you have a mudroom, keep it organized with cabinets and wall storage. Don't forget a comfy bench.

Did you know laundry rooms could be lovely? With our laundry carts, cabinets and racks, you'll have a stylish place for everything. Hide away laundry necessities in sleek and sturdy storage furniture, and keep the clothes routine going with cloth hampers, drying racks and fold-out ironing boards.

Once the clothes are clean, our closet systems will help you sort and display your fashion finds. Create a showroom for your dresses, bags, hats and shoes, and keep blouses and slacks within easy reach. Store the rest in drawers, cubbies, shelves and garment bags.

Like the garage, the craft room is a multifunctional space that can be quickly overwhelmed with supplies and accessories. Spend less time searching and more time creating by organizing it all with elegant craft furniture. The clean lines and calm finishes of our craft pieces offer a relaxing springboard for your creativity. And with so many cubbies, drawers, shelves and slots available, you'll find storage for every little item.

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