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Diamondcell 3/4" Single Cell

For a lighter look, these DiamondCell 3/4" single cell shades retain the same proportions of double cell construction.

Choose honeycomb shades for their tremendous energy efficiency. The fabric pockets trap air, which insulates your windows from heat and cold. Honeycomb shades also offer protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Please note, the fabric color is not guaranteed to be an exact match to the headrail color.

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Item #: 37136
32"W x 48"H
starts at $91.00
Minimums and Maximums

If you don't see your specific size, shape or color available here, please contact us. We will check to see if we can customize this product to meet your specifications.

Minimum Width: 18"W
Maximum Width: 84"W
Minimum Height: 12"H
Maximum Height: 144"H

Minimum Inside Mount: 1-1/4"D
Minimum Flush Mount: 2-1/8"D
Standard Features
Lift Control
5000 Cord Lift Control
When the cord is pulled to a slight angle, the window treatment gently lowers or raises itself.

View Cord Lift Control 

5053 Ultra Continuous Cord Lift Control
The continuous cord loop keeps your window looking neater, and there isn't a cleat to install or cords to keep untangled. (surcharge)

View Continuous Cord Lift Control 

5008 Top-Down Lift Control
Allows you to lower the top half of the shade while the bottom stays in place. Great for privacy during the day, but still allows light to shine into the room. Choose standard cord or Ultra continuous cord lift control. (surcharge)

View Top-Down Lift Control 

5004 Top-Down/Bottom-Up Lift Control
Choose between lifting the top, the bottom or both the top and bottom of the shade - giving you the best of all worlds. This feature is controlled by a standard cord. (surcharge)

View Top-Down/Bottom-Up Lift Control 

Additional Options
5041 Hold Down Brackets
Select hold down brackets if you plan to install your window treatment to a door or a window that is exposed to wind or frequent use. Important: Choosing hold down brackets will cause these blinds to be constructed differently, thereby requiring hold down brackets.

View Hold Down Brackets 

5051 Outside Mount Projection Brackets
Select projection brackets if you plan to install the headrail above the window molding to extend out from the window and wall to clear any obstacles.

View Projection Brackets 

How to Clean
For everyday cleaning, lightly vacuum with an upholstery attachment or feather duster. For soil removal, use a damp sponge with a mild detergent/warm water solution and blot dry. Use extra care when cleaning blackout fabrics, as the fabrics could become permanently creased. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers. Dry cleaning is not recommended because of the differences in ultrasonic cleaning operators. See your product information for more details.
Bali offers a limited lifetime warranty. This window treatment is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship for the time period specified provided that: the product was properly installed in a residential dwelling, the product was made or assembled exclusively from Springs Window Fashions' materials and components, and Springs Window Fashions' recommendations were followed with regard to limitations and specifications. See warranty enclosed with product for further information.

The cords on this product present a potential strangulation hazard. For child safety, consider cordless alternatives or products with inaccessible cords.  Los cordones de este producto representan un posible riesgo de estrangulacion.  Para proteger la seguridad de los ninos, considere alternativas sin cordon o productos sin cordones accesibles.
Return & Exchange Policy
Custom window treatments cannot be returned except for warranty repair. Cancellations and exchanges are not permitted.

Do not take allowances; the manufacturer will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your window treatment fits perfectly in your window. Measure carefully. We are not liable for incorrect measurements or information.

In the event your item arrives damaged or defective, we will happily provide a replacement at our expense. Contact us with detailed information as to what is wrong with the item. Please have your Order Confirmation number available. Defective item(s) should be returned to the manufacturer, not Home Decorators Collection.
Free Swatches

Colors on your monitor may differ from the actual products. Some colors share names, but have different numbers and textures. We recommend ordering free swatches and comparing them.

Eternity Collection - Available in 18"W to 192"W

Cocoa - 2309
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Natural - 2312
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Panorama - 2322
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Mesa - 2323
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Vista - 2324
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Sand - 2356
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Isthmus - 2357
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch
Tinted Whites Collection - Available in 18"W to 192"W

White Satin - 0801
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Almost White - 0802
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Snowscape - 0803
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Buttermilk - 0804
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Dove White - 0810
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Crystal - 0834
18"W to 192"W
Order Swatch

Dawn - 0836
18"W to 192"W
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