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Honeycomb Shades

Fill your home with soft rays of diffused light with energy-efficient honeycomb shades. Also known as cellular shades. Easy cord lift control included.

    Benefits of Honeycomb Shades:
  • Offers 75% to 99% UV-protection.
  • Pockets of air insulate windows from heat and cold.
  • Crisp appearance from street view.

Cordless Lift Control - Get convenience at the touch of a button.
Continuous Cord Lift Control - No more tangled cords or uneven shades.
Top-down/Bottom-up Lift Control - Lift the bottom, lower the top or both.
Top-down Lift Control - Keep your privacy and let in the sunlight.
Single Cell - One row of air pockets (cells) improve insulation.
Double Cell - Two rows of air pockets (cells) have more insulation than single cell.