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Does your spirit of design march to a different drum? Do you find yourself often thinking of exotic locales or dreaming of traveling around the world? Then creating a design concept based on World Beat style is for you. At its heart, World Beat takes elements and influences from around the globe and combines them with a Western aesthetic. The result is a unique, harmonious mish-mash of global fusion and flavor that's stylish and eye-catching.

Often based around the looks and colors of global decor and international-style furniture with an Asian, African, Indian or Moroccan character, World Beat style is intriguing and open to interpretation. With a wide array of unique decor and beautifully made furniture, we can easily help you create your own version of World Beat style inside and out.

Just let your love for culture and beautiful design guide you. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles, textures and cultures. Pair an African-inspired piece with an accent with an Indian aesthetic. Create a foundation for your look with a traditional rug with Persian motifs, or choose a transitional rug that reflects the rich, jewel tones of China. Add extra seating with oversized poufs and ottomans inspired by Moroccan traditions, or pile on pillows fit for a Turkish sultan. Go bold and modern with your palette with colors like gold, crimson and burnt orange, or showcase your earthy, artsy side with dark wood tones and cinnamon. Mix primitive prints and textured baskets for a tribal feel, or live luxuriously with rich, jewel-toned fabrics and plush, colorful rugs. You can transform your entire home or simply add a punch of world flavor to any room with a few pieces of global décor or artwork. You can choose to create a modern global look, decide that international vintage is more your style or blend the two for a look that's all your own.

Like an impressive collection of one-of-a-kind treasures found on an exciting global vacation, a home with World Beat style showcases the best of international flavor and shows off your sophisticated worldly flair.

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